Zentropy started off as a Basic fork back in the Drupal 6 days and that version lives to this day in GitHub . It was officially published a year and a half ago and was one of the first Drupal 7 base themes to support HTML5. It has since gained a… read more →

Since having moved to Mac from Linux around 1 year ago I have been using MAMP to develop with Drupal. I actually bought the PRO version and my favorite MAMP features are:

Easy creation of Virtual Hosts Easy switching between PHP 5.2 and 5.3… read more →

There are many source code editors available to pick form when Developing with Drupal, ranging from lightweight offerings such as Sublime Text , Coda and Textmate to full-blown IDEs like NetBeans and Eclipse .

For quick edits, many prefer… read more →

Imgly is a Drupal 7 module for sharing images.

It allows you to upload images and display them in a nice custom template. It can also automatically generate short URLs for the image (based on ShURLy ) and can also optionally track image… read more →

If you've never heard of the iToggle jQuery Plugin, it basically transforms checkboxes and radio buttons into slick iOS-style On/Off sliders. It is pretty awesome! Check out the plugin page to see it in action.

What started as a learning… read more →