Drupal development like a Boss using NetBeans

There are many source code editors available to pick form when Developing with Drupal, ranging from lightweight offerings such as Sublime Text, Coda and Textmate to full-blown IDEs like NetBeans and Eclipse.

For quick edits, many prefer the speed and simplicity of Sublime Text, an up-and-coming favorite and I'm no different. However, I often miss the code completion, input hints, advanced debugging with XDebug and refactoring capabilities of a real IDE. That's where NetBeans comes in!

Despite being (rightfully so) labelled as a memory-hog, the newest NetBeans 7.2 beta release offers some great performance improvements and makes it a very attractive choice. My personal favorite feature (not by any means exclusive to NetBeans) are code templates, where you type a shortcut, press tab and boom, code snippets are inserted in the document.

I've put together a lengthly list of useful templates that can really help you speed up development times and reduce time spent looking up api.drupal.org in order to remember arguments and their orders for commonly used Drupal hooks. I've exported them and made them available as a project on Drupal.org so head on over and grab it while its hot!

I've also recorded a quick screencast to demonstrate this feature in case anyone wants to see it in action:

I hope you find this useful!